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We are educators still in classrooms across Texas. 


Our campuses needed simple solutions for issues teachers and administrators dealt with daily. We designed our suite to meet the needs of teachers in the classroom. 

Our mission

Our Background

  • Track Student Tardies
  • Track Student Tutorial
  • Track Parent Contacts
  • Track Community Service Hours
  • Print Temporary ID's

Simple School Solutions

Simple Solutions

Our Product

We strive to provide simple solutions to common issues in education.

Using our suite of products:

  • Teachers use the Tutorial Tracker to log tutorials the day students attend. 
  • Tracker allows teachers and administrators to share parent contact history and team meetings
  • Track student tardies and get those students back to class quickly. The concept is to speed up the documentation process and maximize instructional time.

Paul Hartweck

Sales / Implementation

Designer / Technical Support


JohnT Powell

Designer / Technical Support